Order a POWER JAN station, completely FREE.

POWER JAN is a new and revolutionary external battery rental service in Romania.

What can you gain by installing the POWER JAN station?

You will be up to date with technology

We all depend on gadgets and need a charged battery. You can offer customers the opportunity to rent an extra battery which will make things easier for them and they will come to your place more often.

A longer duration of the stay at your location

People use their phones a lot when eating out. POWER JAN batteries can help those who worry about their low phone battery.

Free photo session

You will receive a free photo session after signing the collaboration agreement.

Customer loyalty

Customers will return to a place where they receive the best service. The external batteries from POWER JAN are an additional reason for customers to choose you again.

New clients

By offering the possibility of charging their phones, the location will become more attractive to potential customers.

More orders

A customer who is comfortable and has a fully charged phone battery is more likely to place another order or wait longer for their food to be prepared in the kitchen.

Get a POWER JAN station for your event

POWER JAN stations at events

We provide our stations for private events such as corporate parties, weddings, and birthdays. Whether you’re celebrating indoors or outdoors, a station with external batteries for your guests will add a unique element to the event. The cost is €100/day, and we will take care of logistics. Stand out with POWER JAN!

The POWER JAN stations

Charging station, 8 slots


Charging station, 48 slots

External battery POWER JAN

The battery has the weight and dimensions of a smartphone, making it convenient to carry in a pocket.

The quality of the external batteries and cables is confirmed by the certificates of compliance.

The external battery is equipped with 3 plugs for all device types:

  • Micro USB
  • Type-C
  • Lightning

LG Research

The possibility of charging the phone is one of the conditions for customer loyalty. LG has conducted research on the necessity of having the phone battery charged.

0 out of 10
smartphone users suffer from the 'drained battery syndrome'
0 %
would rather charge the gadget at a bar or restaurant and place an order
0 %
charge the smartphone 1-3 times per day
0 %
won't go to the gym if the smartphone is dead

LED display for a small station

Advertisement in video format or pictures on the screen of the station (7 inches).
Location: hotels, restaurants, cafes, fitness halls
Traffic: <100 people.

Large LED display station

Advertise video or photo content on the station LED screen (43 inches).
Location: commercial centers and parks
Traffic: > 1000 people

Stickers on external batteries

Stickers of 6x9cm to on external batteries

Frequently Asked Questions

We install POWER JAN stations completely free.

We have a collaboration contract for the use of the station. The contract is free of charge.

The station is small and won’t affect the normal operations of the place.

We install quickly. Just write to us!